Aloe Ferox

Our scientists are investigating the intriguing properties that make Aloe Ferox unique and distinct. There is evidence, for example, that Aloe Ferox – ferox means fierce or ferocious – has great skin penetrating power. It appears to be a potent delivery vehicle capable of reaching deeper layers of the skin, more efficiently targeting the underlying cells. Claims that Aloe Ferox promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff are also being probed. All of this in addition to its well-known antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. There is additional evidence that Aloe Ferox improves the complexion, smooths rough skin, and is strong as a hydrating agent.    

One important and interesting fact is that Aloe Ferox does not make acemannan. Instead, its gel is composed of a polysaccharide made primarily of glucose and galactose (as opposed to mannose as in Aloe Vera) and there is no acetylation. Aloe Ferox has high levels of amino acids in the gel including 7 of the 8 essential amino acids.

Aloe Ferox produces the highest levels of anthraquinones of any aloe and the gel is much thicker and more difficult to extract, limiting the plant’s development using traditional methods. Aloe Ferox grows to heights ranging from two to four meters and is cultivated almost exclusively in South Africa where the government has made a push to develop it economically.   Our novel working process gives us the ability to harness Aloe Ferox’s potential through a powerful and scalable stem cell extract free of anthraquinones.