Aloe Vera

Of all the aloe plants, Aloe Vera – vera is Latin for truth – is by far the best known and most used for medical and cosmetic purposes. For centuries it has been prized for the unique way it can rejuvenate human skin and help to heal wounds. For these reasons, Aloe Vera has been a major focus of work for Thegreencell scientists.

The processing of Aloe Vera in the field is challenging and vital components are often degraded well before they find their way into lotions and creams. But we have developed a novel way to deliver an Aloe Vera stem cell extract free of microbial contaminants, seasonal variations and plant to plant differences. We have selected and developed cell lines that express high levels of the endogenous aloe compound acemannan, an acetylated polysaccharide responsible for much of the wound healing and moisturizing properties unique to aloe.

Our stem cells are derived from wild Aloe Vera from the Dominican Republic which has a climate and soil in which the aloe plant thrives. The wild varieties that were chosen were larger and sturdier than their cultivated relatives. The cells are completely free of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or microbes that might interfere with or destroy their beneficial effects. We have developed a proprietary platform for the growth and genetic modification of Aloe Vera.

Over 70 bioactive properties of Aloe Vera gel have been isolated and independent scientific testing has confirmed our extract has remarkable anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.