Our origin story: From Nature’s Riches to Sustainable Beauty

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Our story is one rooted in nature’s wisdom and a commitment to crafting personal care formulations that not only enhance beauty but also embrace ethical and sustainable practices. 

TheGreenCell’s journey begins with the incredible healing and hydrating properties of Aloe vera, a plant known for centuries for its anti-inflammatory soothing, wound healing, and skin hydration properties.

However, traditional methods of planting, harvesting, and processing Aloe vera often lead to the degradation of its bioactivity, undermining its potential benefits. Recognizing this challenge, we embarked on a remarkable journey of discovery and innovation.

A Revolutionary Approach to Aloe

After more than a decade of intensive laboratory study and experimentation, we have developed proprietary methods of stem cell optimization and fermentation to truly harness the beneficial properties of Aloe vera. Our innovation, All in One™, is derived from Aloe stem cells carefully selected from wild Aloe plants and grown under optimized conditions to maximize their benefits.

Tapped from its purest source

Our journey took us to the Dominican Republic, one of the world’s largest Aloe producers. Here, the climate and soil create an ideal environment for Aloe plants to thrive. We carefully selected wild Aloe varieties that are larger and sturdier than their cultivated counterparts.

Pure and Free of Toxins

Our stem cell extract is free of anthraquinones and other toxic substances found in traditional Aloe vera plants. Using our expertise in molecular biology, we developed stem cell lines from over two hundred strains of cell lines from different plants and plant parts, and selected the best performing.

A Commitment to Quality and Purity

Our scientists meticulously selected stem cell lines based on target benefits and long-term stability. This rigorous process ensures a pure and effective ingredient of superior quality that remains consistent, free from the variability of multiple strains and seasonal variations.

Handled with Care and Precision

Throughout our journey, we’ve kept our cells isolated and protected from the external environment. Growth parameters, including water source, temperature, pH, and lighting, are tightly controlled. Our cells are collected gently and converted into a potent extract under sterile laboratory conditions.

Enhanced by Biotechnology

Our proprietary methods have allowed us to culture and isolate Aloe stem cells while optimizing ideal growth conditions. Laboratory tests have confirmed our product’s exceptional effectiveness at a molecular level, leading to improved hydration, reduced irritation, and more supple skin.

A Greener, Kinder Beauty

Our production uses significantly less land and water, reducing energy consumption. We avoid the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and preservatives required in traditional Aloe harvesting. Our process is renewable, eliminating the need to source from or alter existing populations.

A Category of Its Own

In the end, our journey led to the development of a novel and cosmetically powerful Aloe extract, All in One™. It stands as a premium, technically sophisticated, yet natural and renewable ingredient. It’s a superb cosmetic ingredient in a category of its own.

Committed to Excellence

All in One™ is COSMOS and Natrue approved, uses Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil (RSPO), and is certified Microbiome Friendly. Our commitment to ethics, sustainability, and quality is further demonstrated by the EcoVadis gold medal and GMP certification of our manufacturing partner.

A World of Benefits

Our novel plant stem cell ingredient is Non-GMO, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, RoHS, and Halal certified, making it a testament to our dedication to responsible and ethical beauty.

Join us on this extraordinary journey towards ethical, sustainable beauty. Discover our ingredient and experience the magic of All in One™.

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