We use the power of science to distill and deliver the amazing properties of plants. Our technology centers on plant stem cells.

From the ancient Egyptians to the indigenous cultures of Latin America and the industrial countries of Europe, plants have been the main source of natural ingredients in medicine and cosmetics. TheGreenCell uses the power of science to distill and deliver the amazing properties of plants. Our technology centers on plant stem cells. We have developed methods to isolate, grow, and select those cells with the most desired characteristics in order to create new products based in nature but evolved through science. Our platform allows us to more fully take advantage of the vast array of compounds produced in plants and dramatically improve on their delivery.

Using plant cells

offers enormous advantages and greatly improves efficiency and sustainability

Recently, consumer demand for advanced cosmetic formulations that are effective, safe, and sustainable has resulted in a renewed appreciation of plant-based ingredients. However, harvesting plants in the wild or through traditional agriculture is challenging and there is a risk of losing key benefits before they find their way into any final products. Differences between individual plants, seasonal and weather variations, all adversely affect constancy and quality. Some plants of cosmetic interest have limited use due to slow growth, toxic metabolites, or low concentration of target molecules.

Extraction and processing methods tend to be damaging – leading to oxidation, degradation, and microbial contamination. As a result, products often fail to deliver a plant’s most valuable and functional benefits.

These problems have been overcome by TheGreenCell through our state of the art technology, scientific testing and tightly controlled production procedures. We provide innovative solutions to produce highly effective and sustainable plant-based active ingredients, opening the way for the new cosmeceutical era.

TheGreenCell has developed proprietary methods to isolate wild varieties of plant stem cells in culture and to upscale their growth at commercial levels while retaining their unique properties. TheGreenCell scientists carefully select – through an exhaustive process of biological testing – cell lines with the desired characteristics. They have also developed and optimized the ideal culture conditions for cell line growth and enhanced bioactivity. The cells are grown in a high-tech facility under tightly monitored and controlled conditions. Our stem cell extracts come from a single stem cell clone, carefully selected for its most desirable qualities, and grown under optimized conditions to ensure consistent quality over time.

The entire procedure has been optimized, at every stage, to maximize the health of our cells and purity of our product. We do not face the same challenges that confront other manufacturers such as disease, seasonal variations, or processing methods that can result in the loss of most —if not all— of the plant’s bioactivity. Our technology allows us to maximize the delivery of the plant’s beneficial properties. The result is a product that is superior and of consistent quality.

At TheGreenCell, we are leveraging our knowledge and expertise in molecular science and biology to produce scientific breakthroughs that are unlocking the unique health and cosmetic benefits of some of Earth’s most exceptional plants. From our research laboratory in Gaithersburg, MD, our team works with strategic partners in Europe to upscale and produce lines of quality extracts that deliver the functional power of plants across a myriad of consumer applications. This is all done with a profound commitment to the planet and the sustainability of its most precious natural resources. Our first products have focused on different species of Aloe. We are actively applying our technology platform to other plant species that we feel complement our goal of developing the best cosmetic and health care related products possible.