Aloe Vera Extract


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Aloe Vera Extract:
A Biotech ingredient

All in One™ is a potent, stable Aloe Vera Extract with the highest levels of Acemannan on the market. Acemannan is a molecular compound considered to be the main functional component of Aloe Vera.
Our extract has been thoroughly tested by labs, dermatologists and clients to support efficacy and the potency of our Acemannan quality and content. It is a versatile ingredient that comes in a glycerol base that elevates modern personal care formulations by leveraging the latest technology in molecular biology to drive qualify and sustainability improvements.

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Introducing All In One™

Beauty Biotech for the Cosmeceutical era

Clinical and biological studies have confirmed that All in One™ is effective in promoting the following effects on the skin.

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TheGreenCell is a scientific research and development company that has pioneered the use of cell technology to unlock the power of plants through sophisticated strategies in molecular biology and genetics. They are devoted to perfecting the science and technology behind their breakthrough and proprietary processes to isolate, grow and optimize plant cells, and have transferred the benefits and attributes commonly known to be associated with certain plants into commercial products and applications.

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All in One™

  • Healing Agent with broad-spectrum use.
  • Natural booster of other active ingredients.
  • Proven Antioxidant Activity.
  • Promotes skin’s natural ability to self-express
    Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.
  • Proven to aid in Soothing Redness and Inflammation of the Skin.
  • Advanced biotechnology.
  • Adequate capacity & steady supply.
  • Cost Effective.

Why choose All in One™

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Skin care

Proven to Aid in Soothing Redness and Inflammation of the Skin.

Boost Hydration for Smoother / Healthier Skin.

Plumping Agent with Proven.

Antioxidant Activity.

Deeply moisturizing effect, Aids on the repair of skin cells

Hair care

Increases Hydration and Moisture, Eases Detangling and promotes Curl Definition.

Effective across all hair textures, especially darhaged and damaged hair.

It is appropriate for leave-on applications, as well as rinse-off solutions.

All in One™

A Certified Sustainable Product

The Green Cell™ is a research and development company that has pioneered the use of Aloe Vera extract technology to unlock the power of plants