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COVID-19 is causing a series of diverse skin-related problems that may be helped by TheGreenCell’s cosmetic ingredient All in One™. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the coronavirus can sometimes leave patients with a rash that looks like hives. Others have itchy bumps, blisters, pinpoint spots or flat spots and raised bumps that join together. AAD reports that a rash typically lasts between two and twelve days. Researchers found that about eight percent of people reporting a positive coronavirus swab test had experienced a skin rash as part of their symptoms.

And that’s not all.  COVID-19 is also having a negative impact on human skin as a result of side-effects from life-style changes forced upon the population at large by the disease.  Wearing a face mask – an important way to lessen the spread of the coronavirus – can cause or worsen breakouts, rashes and other skin problems.   Dermatologists say people might be more likely to experience face mask related bumps and rashes if they are already living with rosacea, acne, eczema, and sensitivity to humid or dry air.

There is also the problem of “blue light” – a high-energy, short-wavelength light that is emitted from the sun, from indoor lighting and TV, and from the screens of computers, cell phones and other digital devices.  As a result of COVID-19 lockdowns and isolation, people are spending far more time than usual watching screens and thus suffering more exposure than ever to “blue light.” Studies show “blue light” causes hyperpigmentation and premature aging of skin and reduces the excretion of melatonin. It destroys collagen through oxidative stress.   In addition, the skin chemical flavin absorbs blue light and the reaction that takes place during that absorption produces unstable oxygen molecules (free radicals) that damage skin. “Blue light” generates Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in the skin.  

TheGreenCell has tested All in One™ directly for its antioxidant potential.  In two separate scientific tests All in One™ was found to protect against ROS which damages cellular membranes, leading to cell damage or even cellular death.  ROS are also known to damage and potentially mutate DNA. Testing shows that All in One™ protects against the damaging effects of ROS on cellular DNA by up to 41%. Combined with aloe’s natural ability to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin All in One™ provides the formula for real protection from long term exposure to “blue light” from screens. Our company has developed aloe stem cells to meet cosmetic and medical demands. Our product All in One™ is a stem cell extract confirmed through clinical and biological studies to effectively increase hydration, reduce inflammatory responses, promote antioxidant activity and enhance collagen synthesis. The principal investigator of an external and independent clinical study of All in One™ described the effects of the ingredient as “remarkable.”   The study concluded that All in One™ improves skin smoothness and softness, alleviates noxious sensory itch stimuli, reduces redness and peeling, and reduces inflammation in a meaningful manner.

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