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TheGreenCell scientists can now grow aloe stem cells in culture and keep the cells growing long-term while retaining properties unique to Aloe vera. And despite the fact that aloe is notoriously difficult to work with, independent clinical studies show our product – known as All in One™ – is far more effective than ordinary aloe gel.

This comes as consumers are increasingly demanding more natural, renewable, cruelty-free, additive-free and cleaner cosmetics. Our product answers all of these demands in spades.

Studies conducted by a leading dermatologist at a nationally-known and highly respected clinic, describe the product as “remarkable” and “superb.” Special mention was made of the impact All in One™ has on skin hydration, plumping, and the reduction of inflammation. The studies also showed dramatic improvement in skin texture and feel. Subjects in the clinical trials reported relief from existing skin itching and irritation. All subjects said their skin felt softer and more supple after using the stem cell extract for just one week.

Plant stem cells have become popular by combining the appeal of traditional plant use with the enhanced effectiveness of cell growth technology. The market for plant stem cells is expected to grow at twice the overall industry rate in the next four years.

The stem cells used by TheGreenCell are selected to maximize their production of factors beneficial to human skin cell health. “They are grown under highly monitored and controlled conditions that ensure consistent and sustained expression of desired factors, completely free of extraneous chemicals, pesticides or microbes that might interfere with or destroy the beneficial effects,” said TheGreenCell’s chief scientist Dr William Lowther.

Aloe has a world-wide image traditionally linked to health and beauty – historians say Cleopatra used it – and over 70 bioactive components of the plant gel have been isolated.   It has a reputation for wound healing, stimulation of collagen expression, skin penetrating properties, anti-inflammatory soothing effects and skin hydration. However, traditional methods of harvesting and processing Aloe vera tend to result in the degradation of most, if not all, of its bioactivity.

TheGreenCell has developed proprietary methods to isolate wild varieties of aloe stem cells, upscale their growth at commercial levels and produce a cellular extract that truly delivers aloe’s beneficial properties as an easy to use and highly effective raw ingredient. Our stem cell extract comes from a single clone of a powerful stem cell carefully selected for its most desirable qualities and grown under optimized conditions.

It is a technically sophisticated, highly differentiated and cosmetically powerful stem cell extract specifically designed to enhance skin health. It is a superb cosmetic ingredient in a category of its own.

In a published special report a British-based group explains stem cells in plants have properties that help stimulate and regenerate plants after injury. It says the unique properties of plant stem cells have been the focus in developing new cosmetics and studying how these extracts/phytohormones influence skin. “Plants are equipped with a robust mechanism for regeneration of their tissues under stress,” says the report. 

TheGreenCell scientists are now using this unique property in plants to help improve skin health.

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