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From its inception more than a decade ago, TheGreenCell has nurtured a founding ethic of sustainability and intense environmental awareness.  Our ingredient All in One™ comes from Aloe stem cells carefully selected from the wild and grown under optimized conditions to maximize their benefits for skin health.  We have completely avoided the exploitation of existing precious land and water resources. 

The aloe cells we use are totally free of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or harmful microbes.   Neither preservatives nor antioxidants are added to the product. Unlike traditionally sourced aloes, our cells are never subjected to the harvesting and processing that produces organic waste and results in degraded biological activity.  We do not cut the leaves, crush the pulp or heat the plant. Our cells are collected with scientific care and converted into a potent extract.

These facts fall into sharp focus and are of even greater importance now as the world becomes increasingly alarmed by greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures continuing to rise.   

Our extract is a natural, highly effective and safe cosmetic ingredient that is sustainably and ethically sourced. It comes from stem cell lines developed through proprietary methods and grown under highly monitored and controlled conditions within a laboratory setting. Laboratory plant cell cultivation, such as ours, generally requires sixty to eighty percent less water than traditional field cultivation.

TheGreenCell’s stem cells are derived from wild Aloe vera from the Dominican Republic, which has a climate and soil in which the aloe plant thrives. The wild varieties chosen were larger and studier than their cultivated relatives. Our scientists carefully selected – through an exhaustive process of biological testing – cell lines with the desired characteristics. These cell lines were developed and optimized under ideal culture conditions for their growth and enhanced bioactivity.

Our cells are grown from a single clone and are maintained in a highly controlled and sealed environment. Cells are kept isolated and never come in contact with the outside environment. Growth parameters such as our source of water, temperature, pH, and lighting are all tightly controlled.   Because our extract comes from stem cells it is free of anthraquinones and other substances associated with allergic or laxative effects that may be found in commercially available Aloe vera.

We have developed a novel way to harness the cosmetic and health benefits of Aloe vera and to deliver them as a highly efficacious and sustainably sourced stem cell extract. All in One™ is far superior to any other aloe product available in the market today. It is COSMOS approved, uses Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil, and classifies as Non-GMO, Vegan, Cruelty Free, RoHs and Halal. It is manufactured under the highest industry standards: EFCI-GMP, ISO 9001 and Ecovadis GOLD.

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