Extensive new research shows there is a boom of interest in plant-based products – particularly cosmetics.

You are currently viewing  Extensive new research shows there is a boom of interest in plant-based products – particularly cosmetics.

Research findings show just how much plant-based products are here to stay

As public interest in sustainability continues to climb, many cosmetic manufacturers are seeking more natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients for their products, and we couldn’t be more happier about this! From TheGreenCell’s very inception, we have been committed to sustainability and a “strictly green” production philosophy.

The Plant Based Products Council (PBPC) has just released the findings from its annual consumer research program which shows consumers have a more favorable view of companies, farmers, and policymakers who are involved in sustainable initiatives. “This year’s consumer research findings really underscore that the majority of American consumers are thinking about, buying, and using plant-based products,” says PBPC Executive Director Jessica Bowman.  

PBPC stresses that it is actively “working to educate and increase awareness” of plant-based products used in daily routines and particularly singles out beauty products.

Ms Bowman adds: “Awareness has been one of our biggest hurdles as an industry – this year’s findings show that we are overcoming that. We expect consumers’ growing demand to continue and PBPC is focused on ensuring our state and federal-level policies allow the plant-based products industry to tap into its full potential and meet that demand.”  

  • PBPC’s research indicates that:
  • More than eight out of ten buyers are interested in buying plant-based cosmetics
  • 85% of customers are interested in purchasing personal care products – lotions and other cosmetics that are plant based
  • 71% of consumers now report that they consciously think about products and packaging made with plant-based materials before making a purchase
  • Nearly half of Americans report buying plant-based products monthly and the number “only continues to grow.”
  • Close to nine out of ten consumers are likely to buy plant made products in the next three months.

“Consumers care about sustainability and want to improve the world for future generations,” says PBPC. At TheGreenCell, we are guided by a deep respect for our environment, we work tirelessly to minimize the impact of consumer products on our planet and sustainability is at the core of our values.

 The new study shows that the largest increase is in the number of Americans “trying out” plant-based products – 82% – a nine-point increase over last year. Of this number, 20% are just beginning to experiment for the first time with swapping out products – including cosmetics – for those made from plants.

  PBPC broke down the wide range of plant-based products into fifteen categories and found that 36% of buyers were most familiar with the personal care and cosmetics market.   Only paper products had a larger percentage. Again, a strong indication that plant-based cosmetics are growing fast.

It appears there are three major drivers in the increased interest in plant-based products, including cosmetics. The belief that such products are better for the environment, that they are of high quality and that they are healthier.

23% of those involved in the survey said they believed plant-based products – including cosmetics – were “healthier for me”.

TheGreenCell’s aloe-based cosmetic ingredients are entirely plant-based and could not be more environmentally friendly, cruelty free and sustainable.

One company executive and PBPC member says: “The majority of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. They expect businesses to offer sustainable alternatives to products that are well-known to be harmful to the environment – and in many cases are willing to pay more for that sustainable product.”

If your company is interested in sustainability and wants to test our Aloe Stem Cell Ingredient, contact us at info@thegreencell.com to receive a free sample!

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